Best for Baths: The Snuggly Dog Easy Wear Microfiber Dog Towel

When it’s bathtime for your dog, you want to make it as pleasant as possible so that your dog is comfortable and at ease from start to finish. Pet companies know that bathing dogs isn’t always an easy task. Not all dogs are fond of the bath, water, or anything to do with the process of getting clean. Many dogs would prefer to just stay dirty rather than go through the agony of getting wet and washed. For the majority of dogs, their favorite time of a bath, is getting dried so they can get warm and comfortable and move on to more important things, like playing.

Drying your dog is one of the most important steps in the bathing process. You want to make sure your dog gets as dry as possible so that he doesn’t get cold, but rather feels warm, safe and secure. One way to do this, is to wrap your dog in a Microfibre dog towel that has many features that will keep your dog snuggly and comfy.

Here’s why you should be using the versatile dog drying towel, The Snuggly Dog, Towel. The Snuggly Dog Towel is made of 100% microfiber, which is super absorbent, that is worn like a robe. With a regular towel, you run it over your dog multiple times until you get most of the water off but not all, so like dogs like to do when they get wet, they shake the remaining water off of them and onto all of your furniture, walls, carpet, and you. But this towel, since it is worn, you simply leave the towel/robe on until your dog is completely dry.

The towel features an adjustable neck toggle to make sure it is secure, but comfortable. It also has a button with an elastic loop that secures around the tail to hold it on at the other end – just slip your dog’s tail right through and he’s got complete coverage from head-to-tail. If you want even more security to help hold it in place, a microfiber belt is also included that you can wrap around your dog’s mid-section to keep the towel in place around the belly to keep that area warm and prevent a rapid cooling issue due to their wet coat.

Dog parents who are using the Snuggly Dog Towel are loving the ease and usefulness of this of towel. You can use it for just about any situation that involves water, whether it’s swimming time in a lake or pool, bath, walk in the rain, bath, dog grooming sessions, even great for use at dog shows. No matter how wet your dog gets, the towel will keep your dog warm and comfortable and get him completely dry so that you know he won’t be cold or get water everywhere that you don’t want it; in the house, the interior of your car, or on you.

When it comes to cleaning the towel, you can either wash it by hand, or toss it in the washing machine on the gentle cycle.

For $37.97, customers feel it’s a great value just for the convenience and comfort of their pet. You can check it out on Amazon and order one for your pet. I bet you won’t go back to using regular towel for bathtime or water fun-time after you use your Snuggly Dog Towel.

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