Five Recommended Toys For Smaller Dog Breeds

Small dogs love to play, just like big dogs, however, they need toys that match their size so that they enjoy a good game of tug-of-war, catch, fetch, or just spending time chewing. Little dogs mouths aren’t big enough to cart around big dog toys, and their teeth are more apt to chip and even break if they play with, or chew on the wrong toys. Despite their smaller, more fragile mouths and teeth, they still are tough on their toys and need to have play toys that will hold up under their strong little grips. Here are five of the most recommended dog toys for your small dog.

5. Kong Ballistic Sqwuggies Firehose dog toy

Although small dogs don’t typically have the strength of a large dog, they can still get rough and have the ability to destroy their toys if they aren’t sturdy enough. The Sqwuggies Firehose dog toy is the perfect toy for small dogs for several reasons, and one of those reasons is their durability. Sqwuggies are toys that are durable because they are made of professional fire hose grade material, which makes it difficult for dogs to tear up. Little dogs can also dig their teeth into the toys and hold on tight, which makes playing tug-of-war much easier. It’s no secret that most dogs are a fan of squeakers, one reason why so many have them. Small dogs may be more sensitive to loud squeaks, so Sqwuggies kept that in mind and added squeakers to all of their toys that are mild in sound, giving them just enough fun sounds without irritating their ears. The Firehose dog toy costs about $12, so follow the link below to get yours.

4. Kong Air Dog Squeaky X-Small Tennis ball

The majority of dogs love to play fetch. It’s just a dog thing. One thing that can make a game of fetch the most fun for a little dog is to have a ball that actually fits in his mouth, which is why Kong created the Air Dog X-small tennis balls. They are the perfect size for small mouths. Little dogs can grab them up with no trouble, and carry and run with them without dropping them, all guaranteed to make a game of fetch fun for little dogs. The balls are made of tough material and it won’t wear down their teeth. You can get a bag of three balls for just over $6.00, so take a look by clicking on this link.

3. Tiny Reindeer

Tiny Reindeer is made of a comfortable, yet durable material that makes it easy for your little dog to grip, and it won’t irritate their teeth or gums. It also won’t easily tear when playing hard or chewing on the toy, like many plush dog toys do. The Tiny Reindeer was designed for small dogs in mind. It gives them easy gripping all the way around the reindeer and even has a little squeaker inside to keep your dog interested and having fun for hours. If your little dog likes to fetch, chew or tug, this is a great toy, and you can get him one if you follow this link below.

2. Booda Tail Spin Flyer

The perfect, ‘play catch’ Frisbee for small dogs is the Booda Tail Spin Flyer. Made out of soft material that won’t hurt your dog’s teeth, the Tail Spin Flyer flies, floats and glides through the air as your little dog runs after it. Hard discs are hard on any dog’s teeth, but little dogs have smaller, more fragile teeth that can easily chip or break when trying to catch a hard plastic disc in the air. If you little dog loves to play catch but didn’t enjoy the game with a hard disc, now he’s got a new reason to get back in the game. The flyers come in different sizes, including 10′ for your little furry friend, so check them out at this link below, and order yours now, for just over $8.00.

1. X-Small Kong

Kong makes some great toys for dogs, including the Kong chewable toy. This X-small Kong was designed specifically for small dogs and is intended to teach your dog some good chewing habits. The open end of the toy allows you to insert a little treat to get your dog on his mental A-game in trying to figure out how to get it out. Beyond positive chewing behavior reinforcement and mental stimulation, the toy is fun to play with. Bounce the toy and watch it bounce unpredictably, making your little dog chase it around, never knowing where it will bounce next. The X-small is the perfect size for your little dog, and the rubber material will not hurt your dog’s teeth, and is actually a great way to help keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy. Check the toy out at the link below and order yours for about $26.00.

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