Five Solid Collar Choices for Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls are a large breed of dog. They are strong and can be hard to handle if they aren’t properly trained, you aren’t accustomed to handling big dogs, or you don’t have the proper leads for their size. A leash is an important tool for any dog owner, especially because it is the law in most states, that when walking your dog, they must be on a leash, however, a leash doesn’t do much good if either it, or the collar it attaches to, doesn’t fit your dog properly, or accommodate your dog’s size. There are a lot of collars to choose from, but choosing the right one is critical, especially when dealing with large dogs that may pose a risk to others if it is not properly restrained. So what are the best collars for a Pit Bull? We have compiled a list of five solid collar choices for Pit Bulls and here they are.

5. Signature K9 2-Inch Heavy Agitation Collar

You know the collar’s got to be tough if it is used in Law Enforcement and is suitable for use in Military dog training. The Signature K9 2-Inch Heavy Agitation Collar is extremely comfortable for your Pit Bull’s neck because it evenly distributes stress weight around the neck as opposed to other collars that may weigh heavy in only certain areas of the neck, causing fatigue and soreness. This is especially important for dogs who are spending long hours in training or working, like Pit Bulls are known to do. The collar is made of double-layered leather, making it heavy-duty for large breeds of dogs, such as the Pit Bull. This is a solid collar for Pit Bulls and only gets better over time, the longer your dog wears it as leather is known to get better with age.

If you’re interested, follow this link to take a better look.

4. K9 Maxtac Adjustable Collar with Handle

For easy handling, the K9 Maxtac is designed with a built-in handle that allows you to have up-close, and sturdy control of your Pit Bull. Designed of heavy duty nylon, this is a strong, dependable collar that is meant for large dogs. It is so trusted, that it is often used for Law Enforcement as a tactical ID collar as well as during aggression work. The collar is adjustable so it comfortably fits on neck sizes that range from 19 inches to 25 inches and has a black metal buckle for securing the collar. This isn’t a collar for small breeds so if you are looking for a collar for your poodle, this collar isn’t for you. It is however, a solid collar for your Pit Bull.

For more info or to order yours, just follow the link.

3. M1-K9 Big Military Dog Collar

Always feel secure knowing your Pit Bull is secure in his collar when he’s wearing a M1-K9 Military Dog Collar. This is one of the most solid collars for big breeds of dogs and is one recommended for Pit Bulls. It is a high performing collar that is used for large breed military dogs that are always training and working, so the collar has to be tough. The collar is made of military grade, pistol belt webbing and designed with a steel spring gate carabiner, as well as dual sets of metal adjusting hardware, a strong, quick release buckle and military issue dog tag with silencer. This is one of the most solid collars for big breeds, such as Pit Bulls, and definitely not for small or timid dogs.

You can get yours here at this link.

2. Dogs Kingdom Leather Black Spiked Studded Dog Collar

Not only will your Pit Bull be secure in his sturdy collar, but he will look as tough and cool as he is. This fashionable collar is a black, studded dog collar that is designed for large breeds, especially for Pit Bulls. It is designed of eco-friendly, and high quality PU leather for comfort, strength, and longevity. You will love the way the collar looks with its tough-looking studs while it secures your Pit Bull when he’s on his leash.

Take a closer look at this solid collar choice for Pit Bulls by clicking on the following link.

1. Fancy Metal Slip Collar

This stellar looking designer collar is made of stainless steel metal in a chunky, box-cut style. The slip collar design makes it easy to keep your dog in control, and listen to your commands with a tug of the leash. The rust-proof leash is smooth chain so you never have to worry about rust or deterioration of the leash’s looks or function. Although it is a chain design, it won’t pull your dog’s fur, which means your dog is always comfortable when he’s wearing it. For a solid Pit Bull collar, this one is at the top of the list for strength, durability and function when it comes to managing large dogs.

If you want to learn more about the Fancy Metal Slip Collar or order yours, click on the following link.


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