Five Tips to Prevent Seasonal Allergies in Dogs

Pollen Counts High in New York City

Not only is it sneezing season for us humans, but it is also sneezing season for our dogs. Yup, it is right about that time seasonal allergies in dogs start showing up. You know the signs, the sneezing, pawing at nose, and general heavier breathing. A lot of times it manifests itself in skin conditions for the dogs, too. We have all suffered through allergies at some point, and it is no fun. So what are some tips to prevent or help control season allergies in dogs?

Keep Their Area Clean 

If there is one area your pet likes particularly in the house, make sure it is pollen free or free of any other seasonal triggers. This means regular upkeep, but also means keeping windows in that area closed. Luckily, Summer is here, so an A.C will counter act the closed window.

Check Their Skin

You may have a dog who reacts more on a skin level then on a sneeze level when it comes to its seasonal allergies. For this reason, always check the coat of a dog who has allergies, as it may not be giving outward signs as to how much it is suffering.

Check Ears

Just like the skin, the ears are a place that tends to get affected when seasonal allergies sometimes affect dogs. Check their ear canals (especially if there is a lot of scratching in that area) as there may be an odd smell of discharge that will tell you something is up. I know it sounds yucky, but it is needed here.

Limit Exposure to Allergens

We know it is Summer and your dog probably wants to be outside and frolicking as much as possible. We respect that. But if the end result is skin and coat and ear problems, your dog would be grateful to spend a little less time outside. Your dog can still get plenty of exercise and play time without having to spend it all exposed to what makes it sick.

Be Aware

Just knowing the above steps can make all the difference. Be aware, be cautious, and you and your dog with seasonal allergies will make it through this season just fine.

(Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

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