Important Tips For Choosing A Quality Dog Food

Bringing a new puppy into the home is without a doubt an exciting and exhausting time. Not only will you be overwhelmed with joy and excitement, but also you are now going to have an endless amount of responsibilities that you have to handle on a day-to-day basis. Of course, one of these tasks will be choosing the appropriate puppy food, as a good healthy balanced diet is a must for any puppy. If you have already hit the pet store, you have probably noticed that the aisles are packed with endless amounts of options and choosing the one that suits your puppy might seem like quite the chore.

Choosing The Brand With Care

Choosing the appropriate brand is without a doubt one of the most important decisions that you will have to make. Of course, there are hundreds of different brands, so how do you know which are the most suitable for your puppy? Well, you want to look for dog brands that have undergone AAFCO feeding trails. You might be surprised to learn that a lot of dog food companies actually create recipes and never feed them to dogs, which means they could be loaded with deficiencies. If a dog brand has gone through AAFCO trails, you can rest assured that it has been feed to actual real life dogs.

Pay Close Attention To The Calories

Since your new puppy is constantly growing and expanding energy, you need to ensure that the food you choose is high in calories to make up for the difference. You would really be surprised to learn how much energy is consumed on tissue growth and development. With the right amount of calories you will ensure that your puppy’s body is getting the best nutrients that it needs to adequately grow.

Be Aware Of Marketing Scams

There is no doubt that there are innumerable dog food brands on the market. While some of these brands are extremely popular, others are just entering the market or just do not get very much attention. Whatever the case may be, it is your responsibility to make sure you only feed your puppy health, natural dog food formulas. One thing is for sure many manufacturers are utilizing the marketing ploys, including “holistic,” “organic” and “all-natural” formulas. While some of these ploys are genuine, there will always be one that is a farce.

Do not fall for these marketing scams. Instead do your research and only invest in brands that you are familiar with. Manufactures utilize these marketing ploys are to pull more consumers to their products. So, do not just take their work for it, instead do your research to find out if the manufacture is telling the truth.

Be Aware Of New Claims And Ingredients

It is not unusual for manufactures to add new ingredients to their dog foods. These ingredients are supposed to improve the dog food formula, but do they really? While it is extremely hard to determine if the new ingredient does what the manufacture promises until your dog has tried it, you should be very cautious about falling for this ploy.

Manufacturers across the board have been cashing in on trends like this for many decades. It is up to consumers to protect their pets from such potential scams.

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