Product Review: Nutramax Cosequin DS Plus for Joint Pain in Dogs

A common problem among dogs, especially large breeds, is joint disease, such as arthritis. Although joint diseases can happen at any age, and in any breed of dog, they more commonly develop later in life and in larger breeds due to the amount of weight a large dog puts on its joints compared to smaller breeds. A dog may not show very many symptoms of joint disease, or they may become barely able to walk and get around, depending on the case. Degenerative joint diseases can happen in active dogs, due to the amount of stress put on the joints during their exercising and activity, while non-active dogs can develop joint issues due to weight problems from lack of activity.

It’s important to help keep your dog’s joints healthy and mobile, starting from a young age, in order to help them live an active life, even into their older years. One way many dog owners are helping their dog prevent joint disease and maintain healthy joints throughout their lives, is with a medication called Nutramax Cosequin DS Plus.

What is Nutramax Cosequin DS Plus

Nutramax Cosequin DS Plus is a joint supplement for dogs. All breeds, and all sizes of dogs can take this supplement, and benefit from it. The supplement contains higher levels of glucosamine than many other joint medications. It also contains chondroitin, plus MSM, which is a sulfur compound found naturally in many foods, like seafood, fruits and vegetables, plus others. It is a nutrient that is important to joint health because it helps reduce inflammation, relieve pain, overall, improve flexibility in the joints. MSM also helps maintain joint health by rejuvenating cells in joints and body tissue. The ingredients work together to help lubricate your dog’s joints,, repair damaged joint tissue, and encourage the growth of  cartilage.

How is it administered?

The medication comes in a pill form that is scored for giving different doses if needed. Your dog won’t think of it as medicine and shy away from taking it though. It is a tasty treat that your dog will not only not mind taking, but enjoy taking it. So no more struggling to get your dog to take his medicine. It’s easy. If there is a bit of a problem getting your dog to take it, it’s been recommended that you add a bit of peanut butter to the pill before giving it to your pup.

Recommended by Veterinarians and dog owners

Nutramax Glucosamine DS Plus is the number one recommended medication for healthy joints, by veterinarians. And when it comes to dog owners, they are seeing results with the medication. Most dog owners will see a difference in their dog’s mobility, activity, and joint issues within about 6 weeks after starting the medication. There are a lot of dog owners who feel confident it is the medication that is helping them to get their old dog back and making them get around better than before their dog started taking it.


If you ever suspect that your dog has had an overdose of Nutramax Glucosamine DS Plus, it is recommended that you get in touch with, and have your dog checked by a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Ordering online

If your veterinarian recommends your dog start taking Glucosamine DS Plus, you can order the medication online, which makes it very convenient for dog owners who don’t always have time to run to the store. It’s nice to be able to have the medication delivered directly to your door.

If you have noticed that your pup has started to have trouble getting around, maybe not running as much, jumping, or wanting to play like he used to, or struggles to get in the car or up the stairs, talk to your veterinarian and see if he recommends putting your dog on the medication that has been helping many other dogs keep their joints happy and healthy even as they get older.

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