A Crucial Puppy Potty Training Hack All Owners Should Know


Getting a puppy sounds fun and cute and heartwarming; that is until it’s time to potty train that pup. Unless you have the patience of Mother Teresa, you might find yourself ripping your hair out trying to potty train your pup. Many people end up giving their pup away due to the challenges that potty training brings or they just never adopt a pup in need of home in the first place, all because of the time and effort it takes to potty train.

One solution we’ve found that seriously works wonders is the Modern Puppies Potty Training Puppy Apartment. It’s already been credited for saving 50,000 puppies from remaining in shelters and ultimately, saving them from impending euthanization.

The system consists of a 2 room crate, one bedroom and one bathroom, this way your puppy will learn to use their own bathroom. The Potty Training Puppy Apartment is the only device that exists that includes the Adjustable Room Divider, allowing your puppy to go into their bathroom from inside their own crate.

Unlike other methods of potty training such as, crate training or grass training, the Puppy Apartment allows your puppy to potty train in their own home. Rather than having to take your puppy outside, which can be time consuming and frustrating, especially now as the fall and winter months will bring harsh weather conditions. Cats and humans get the luxury of relieving themselves at will, not having to wait on anyone. They also get to go in a safe, warm environment. It’s about time someone developed something to allow dogs the same!

One of the worst parts of potty training is how long it takes your puppy to actually learn. Training can take weeks, even months. Dogs that have utilized the Puppy Apartment have learned in as little as 3 days. Dogs normally won’t go on their own bed, which is the genius part of the Puppy Apartment- having their bed next to the bathroom. The Puppy Apartment includes 3 doors, one in the bedroom, one in the bathroom and one leading from the bedroom into the bathroom. Anytime your puppy needs to go they simply have to cross over and they’re in their potty.

It might be called the Puppy Apartment but it works for older dogs too. Available from X Small to XXX Large, any dog can utilize the system. This also facilitates potty training for older dogs who sometimes take longer to be potty trained. Having an indoor potty system for your dog will make not only your dog’s life easier, but also your own. Saving you time, not having to walk them outside and saving them from having to go out during cold or wet days.

The system works like a toilet for humans, or a litter box for cats. Dogs now have their own way to use the bathroom in the comfort of their own home. If you’re interested in facilitating your puppy’s potty training experience, Modern Puppies has offered a discount code DOG33, to get 5% off your puppy apartment purchase.

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