Review: Petzi Wi-Fi Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser

Your pet is your best friend, and you hate to have to leave him behind when you have to leave home for errands, work, or anything else that will mean being away from him for any length of time. Whether your dog suffers with separation anxiety or just misses you when you’re gone, it’s nice to know you can help calm his nerves, talk to him, check in on him, even give him a treat, and make him feel like you’re still there, even when you’re not. You may be wondering how exactly you can do that, outside of actually being there to do all these things. But there is a way, and it’s called the Petzi Wi-Fi Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser.

With all of the technology out there and available to do just about anything you need it to, like, turn your house lights on before you get home, adjust your thermostat when away from home, and view your home’s security cameras while on vacation, there seemed to be no reason why taking care of your dog while you’re away, couldn’t be done under these same theories. That’s why this unique device was invented, to help you be a better, more involved pet owner and take care of your pet, while you’re at work, out-and-about running errands, or from anywhere. So, what exactly is the Petzi pet camera and treat dispenser? It’s a fun and easy way to connect with your dog and check in on him from anywhere you are.

How it works

This device operates with an iOS and Android app, and must be set up under Wi-Fi to operate. You control the device by a tap of the app on your phone and it connects you to your pet through the camera. Simply set the device at a level where your dog can see the picture and reach the treat that dispenses, and let him know you’re still close by to help calm his anxious nerves.

When the app is activated, the camera is activated and allows you to see your pet, and he can see you. The audio is great. You can talk to your dog through the audio option. He will be able to hear your voice loud and clear, and understand you. You’ll also be able to capture adorable pictures of your dog with the use of the camera for you to save to your photo log, or share them on your social media pages.

Talking to your dog and seeing him in the designated camera area isn’t the only thing this device does. You can also treat your pet with the treat release. With this same app, you can dispense a treat right to your dog and make him a very happy camper and put him at ease, since you can’t be there to do it in person.

What’s so great about this unique pet device?

Pet owners want to be close to their pets at all times, but that isn’t always possible. And pet companies know that pet owners have always wanted to have a way of communicating with their pets when they have to be away from home. Technology has made that possible, and pet owners are loving this new device that lets them be in constant contact with their pet from anywhere they go. They know that with the click of an app, they can be in the same room as their pet, talk to them, and give them a little treat that will make them happy. It’s fun for both pets and pet owners.

Some things that pet owners have been saying is that they love the reaction their dog gives them when they hear their voice come across the speaker. The audio is great quality and they will know it is you who is talking to them, which will excite them, as well as put them at ease. They are also saying that being able to give their pet a treat is great. It takes their mind off the fact that their human isn’t there and they relax.

Another positive feature of the Petzi camera and treat dispenser is the fact that it offers many different placement options so that dogs, big and small, are able to use the device. You can set it in an array of different places in your home, depending on how your home is set up, and what size your dog is. It fits into just about any type of lifestyle of dog owner and will keep you connected with your pet whenever you want, and you can use a variety of different types of treats, depending on what your pet’s favorite is.

This is something you will be glad you have, as a pet owner. It’s fun, exciting, and easy to use. You will  soon be wondering how you lived without one, once you start to bridge the gap between you and your pet while you’re away from home.

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