Special Tips for Taking Care of Blue Heeler Puppies

The Queensland heeler. The Australian cattle dog. Whatever you call the blue heeler doesn’t change the fact that they’re some of the most adorable dogs and puppies you could ever own. These dogs were bred to spend their days herding cattle in the harsh Australian terrain. They’re smart and full of immense energy that needs to be expelled in some form. Not everyone can appreciate a blue heeler, and they may not be the best dogs for beginners. But if you know enough about this breed and commit to caring for it from their puppy days and onward, blue heeler dogs can be the best companions you could ever have. Here are 5 special tips to get you started on taking care of blue heeler puppies.

Positive reinforcement

Start with positive reinforcement early on. The simplest form of positive reinforcement is to give your puppy a reward after doing what it’s expected to do. They’re remarkably intelligent, so puppies will take to training easily. Blue heeler puppies will also learn how to housetrain without a fuss as long as you give it a good base to learn from.


Teach your puppies how to socialize with people and other animals right away. It will take them time to get used to people outside of your family, so the earlier you get on with socialization, the better it’ll be for your blue heeler puppies. They tend to be happier when they’re around other animals as well. Early socialization will teach your puppies how to behave properly around other people and animals, a crucial lesson that they won’t pick up unless you expose them to such situations.

Start them healthy

A healthy lifestyle produces a healthy puppy. Your blue heeler’s best chance in life is to have a healthy home. This simply means regular vet visits and regular vaccinations. Your blue heeler puppy should have a healthy diet that’s rich in protein. Make sure that the food your blue heeler eats is appropriate for their age. If it’s time to switch your puppy to adult food, you should switch right away. But don’t switch unless it’s time or you’ll cause your puppy some bone issues later on.

Essential exercise

Blue heeler puppies are tiny balls of energy. You’ll need to help them get all their energy out by giving them ample exercise throughout the day. The best way to do this is to allow them some space to be able to run around and just play. You can take your puppies jogging with you or even play fetch. You’ll need to keep them active to keep their bodies and minds healthy.


Your puppies need firm handling in order to learn how to properly behave later on in life. Setting boundaries for your blue heeler puppies to follow will help them learn how to be better blue heeler dogs later on. You’ll also have a more loving and enriching relationship when both you and your blue heeler understand which lines to cross and which ones not to.

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