How to Spoil Your Dogs on a Budget

It doesn’t cost a fortune to pamper your furry best friend. Check out these easy and inexpensive ways to give your dog the best treatment. Your pet has been there for everything, through the ups and downs they have stood (or laid) beside you. Now it’s time to give back some love! If you’re in the giving mood and have a bit of spare time, invest in a project that will have your dog barking with joy.

DIY a doghouse. Your pup will be pleased to have his/her own sanctuary outside, and it’s as simple as a few basic steps. Get out your hammer, circular saw, a measuring tool and start building! It’s important to assemble the base first, then build the back and side before finally placing the roof and entrance last. Follow a step by step DIY tutorial for optimal results.

Make them pupsicles. It’s getting warmer as spring approaches, and your furry friend is in need of a treat. Spice up their normal routine and make some “pupsicles!” You’ll need unsalted peanut butter, water, and half a banana (to help with the freezing). Then, mix the ingredients together, and place on a cookie sheet or if you already have rubber toys that you can fill, those work as well. Place in the freezer overnight and let your pup enjoy! They will thank you later with peanut butter kisses.

Upgrade to an elevated dog feeder. This bowl crate leaves less of a mess for you and can also be beneficial for their health-relieving stress on their joints and reducing the chance of bloating. You’ll want to find a wooden crate that will be the proper size for your dog along with stainless steel food bowls, jigsaw, drill, and wood sealer. It’s important to sand down your crate to avoid splinters for both you and your dog, and then, paint a clear sealer on top, because slobber and water could easily depreciate the wood. Next, measure the inside of the bowls using a paper template, and have that handy on top of your crate for accuracy. Then, use your wood drill to create holes on the inside of the crate, and use your jigsaw to cut out the holes. Make sure to sand again, in order to protect your pet, place food inside the bowls and voila – a trendy and efficient elevated feeder.

Bling out their collar. You want to spoil your dog, so why not start with something they wear every day? Give their simple collar a serious upgrade like adding rhinestones or glitter.  If rhinestones are your pup’s style, buy some that are around 3-4 mm, extra strong craft glue and have toothpicks on hand. Use the toothpicks to help glue on the stones and let dry. For glitter, make sure the collar is flat by using heavy surfaces on the end. Then, paint the collar with mod podge glue, and sprinkle on the glitter as desired. Let dry and your pup is sure to shine!

Make a vintage suitcase into a dog bed. Is your pet always taking up the end of your bed? This is a simple DIY that makes the dog bed more aesthetically pleasing and just as comfy for your pet. Find a cute vintage suitcase from a yardsale or second-hand store and add a cheap pillow to the bottom. Then, add a small throw pillow for ultimate comfort, and a blanket to keep them warm and they have a new bed!

The opportunities to spoil your pet are endless, and these are just a few. Throw your dog a bone and give them something to wag their tail about.

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