The 20 Most Recommended Dog Foods of 2017

Dogs have unique nutritional needs that are different from humans and other animals. Some ingredients are potentially harmful and may even be fatal if ingested over long periods of time. This is why it is strongly encouraged to avoid giving pets scraps from the dinner table. It is also important to understand which ingredients commonly found in dog food are healthy, and which are not. Not all dog foods are created equally. Many of the budget brands include fillers that can cause kidney damage as well as other health problems in dogs and puppies. In fact, there have been lawsuits over potentially dangerous ingredients used in popular brands. The best dog foods are the ones that do not contain fillers or preservatives that are unhealthy for your pet. They include only healthy foods that will give your dog the nutrition that is needed for maintaining good health.

There are many well-meaning dog owners who simply do not realize that the type of foods they are feeding their pets can either promote good health or cause serious issues that compromise the well being of their pets. With so many different brands available on the market it can be difficult to know which is the best choice. Unless you know what to look for, how could you possibly know which one to purchase? This is one of the reasons why we have done the research to find the most highly rated pet food formulations for giving dogs the nutrition that they require to be healthy. You may be surprised to find that the brand you are currently using is not on the list.

The following brands have been approved as being among the best choices based on their ingredients. They are highly rated by experts who understand which ingredients and ingredient combinations are good choices for dogs. Here are the top twenty dog foods that are recommended as being the best for dog health in 2017:

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