The Top Five Dog Carriers for Small Dogs

Is your dog your best companion? Do you love taking him everywhere you go, but tired of always having to clip him to a leash and harness? Many dog owners would prefer to take their little furry friend with them wherever they go, but want alternatives to having to put their dog on a leash and harness. There are a lot of options for dog carriers on the market today. Pet product companies have created many different ways for dog owners to take their dogs with them, and if you are looking for variations in dog carriers, we have a list of ones that are seem to be the most popular among dog owners. So take a look, here are the top selling dog carriers today.

5. Outward Hound Kyjen Pooch Pouch – $20.33

Taking your pet with you on outings is as easy as strapping a backpack on your back and going. The Outward Hound Kyjen Pooch Pouch is really just that, a backpack. It is easy to use and easy to carry your little furbaby with you, whether he’s a small or medium-sized dog. It’s the perfect solution for little dogs who can’t keep up as easy when you’re hiking, biking, even walking for any length of time. It’s lightweight for you, and it features mesh siding to help keep your pet cool and comfortable while riding in it. The material is nylon fabric, which helps repel sweat during excessively hot days, and it’s water resistant to keep your pooch dry. It’s one of the top selling pet carriers and it’s reasonably priced at $20.33.

4. Furry Fido pet sling – $22.97

The Furry Fido pet sling is a cool design for both you and your pet. It’s stylish for man or woman to carry, it’s reversible, and it’s safe for your pet to ride in, especially with the safety collar hook that ensures your pet’s safety. You and your dog will love how comfortable it is – not only due to its comfortable design, but because it’s made out of a soft cotton material. The carrier just slips over the shoulder and hangs off to your side, distributing the weight of your dog nicely so that you can walk without strain.  If you decide to order one, you’ll pay just $22.97 for it.

3. COODIA Legs out front dog carrier – $16.39

The COODIA pet carrier is a unique carrier that lets your dog ride up front of you with his legs hanging out in front, or you can choose to use it as a backpack. It’s easy to put on and easy to insert your pet, with the zipper sides. The safe-lock built-in keeps your pet secure inside the unit so he won’t slip around or get jostled. You can go where you want with your pet with this hands-free carrier; take your pet on a stroll, on a hike, biking, shopping, or wherever, but  you won’t have to worry about long leashes and your pet getting into things when out and about. He’s always secure when he’s in this stylish COODIA pet carrier.

2. iPet Hands-free Pet Carrier – $17.99

If your little dog loves to be with you all the time, now you can take them with you when you use the iPet, hands-free pet carrier. It is a sling-style carrier that loops over your shoulder while your pet rides comfortably in the pouch. This is a very stylish looking pet carrier, for those who want to look good when taking their pet out and about. The carrier is also reversible to give you style options, and it’s made of soft cotton so that it’s comfortable for both you and your dog. When it comes to safety, iPet thought of that too. It has a security clasp to keep your pet safe inside without worry o him jumping out. If you order one, it will only set you back $17.99.

1. Pawfect Pet Pets Carrier  $39.95

This pet carrier is like a little duffle bag, that you can put over your shoulder and carry. You can take your pet with you on excursions without worrying about him back home. It’s designed to carry small pets, and it gives them plenty of room to move about inside without feeling anxious or cramped. The material is lightweight, so it’s easy for you to carry, and has 2 removable Fleece pads for your pets ultimate comfort. If you need to take your pet out of town on an airplane, this is airline approved, which means you won’t have to purchase another carrier especially for flying. This top selling pet carrier is $39.95.

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