The Top Five Most Popular Hoodies for Smaller Dogs

It’s the latest craze in pet ownership, dressing your pet up in cute outfits, adorable outerwear, and cool accessories. Pet product companies are designing the coolest things for dogs to wear, and a lot of them are similar to what their humans would wear. One example is hoodies. Hoodies are multi-functional. They’re not only fashionable, so that your pup looks super cute when he’s out and about, plus they keep them warm on those cool, even cold days when they’re out for a walk, playing at the dog park, or just lounging around the house. Smaller dogs may need a little extra help in staying warm in the winter, and hoodies can give them that extra warmth they need. If you need one that has the ability to clip a leash to, there are some that are equipped with O-rings so that you can attach their leash right to the hoodie, and off you go for a walk. If you have a small dog and have thought about getting one, or more, for your cool canine, we have the top selling hoodies for smaller dogs right here. Take a look at the five most popular hoodies for smaller dogs and see if one of them might be one your dog would love to wear.

5.  EXPAWLORER “BITCHES LOVE ME” Dog Hoodies Fleece Sweater Shirt Black – $9.99

Is your small, male dog a little stud? If your little dog has a little attitude and you want to flaunt it, this would be the perfect hoodie to do it. It has the words, “Bitches Love Me,” with the word ‘Love’ substituted as a heart, and is so cute. The hoodie is made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester, making it soft, comfortable, and warm for those cool spring, autumn and winter days and nights. It’s also perfect for toting snacks with you on walks, with the pocket that’s sewn in on front. When it’s time to wash it, just throw it in the washing machine on the gentle cycle, using cold water.

4. Casual Canine Cotton Camo Dog Hoodie – $15.92

For you hunting fans, your little dog can look like you, dressed up in his own camo hoodie. Made of soft fleece on the inside, this hoodie is perfect for outdoor activities, walks, playtime, or just hanging out at home. A kangaroo pocket was designed on the backside of the hoodie which is a great place to store treats during walks, or training sessions. See if you like this contemporary hoodie for the little hunter in your small dog.

3. Fleece Dog Hoodies with Pocket, Cold Weather Spring Vest Sweatshirt with O-Ring – $8.99

Your little dog will look fashionable and up-to-date with style in this fleece hoodie. It is a colorful, sleeveless, vest-style hoodie that also functions as a vest for walking. An O-ring is attached to the back, just behind the hood, which makes this hoodie convenient to wear anytime, even during walks. It is also perfect for playtime, lounge time, picture time, or sleep time. Your little dog will stay warm and comfortable no matter how long she wears it. Many dog owners like to take snacks with them on outings and walks, and the small packet sewn onto the back of the hoodie makes it convenient to carry along your pup’s favorite treat.

2. Gooby Every Day Fleece Cold Weather Dog Vest with Hoodie for Small Dogs – $11.80

Sporty and cool, this sleeveless, fleece hoodie is fashionable functional. It’s the perfect hoodie for those cold days when you don’t want to have to fool with getting a leash and collar on because an O-ring is attached right on the back of the hoodie, which makes it as simple as, click-and-go. Your dog will stay warm on those chilly days when walking, playing outdoors, or snoozing on the couch. It keeps your dog warm by covering his chest and back, and will seal in the warmth around his head when you pull up the hoodie. For $11.80, you can get your Gooby Every Day Fleece Hoodie for your small dog when order on the following link. And no matter if your small dog is male or female, there are a wide range of colors to choose from, so order a couple and keep your dog stylin’.

1.  DroolingDog Dog Clothes Pet Security Hoodie – $12.99

DroolingDog is the brand who designed this adorable hoodie for small dogs. It is great for the miniature poodle, Shih-Tzu, and any other small to medium sized dog. The word Security is printed on the back, and your dog will know he looks good sporting this fashionable, trendy hoodie. Since the hoodie is made of an inner fleece material, it’s breathable and your dog will stay comfortably warm when walking in the cool air, playing outside, or having a snooze on the couch.

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