The Top Five Selling Dog Strollers on the Market Today


Do you wish you could take your little dog everywhere you go? It’s true that many people really think of their pet as their baby, and they would love to take them everywhere they go, just like a human baby. There are a lot of different types of carriers for pets that have made it easier to take your furbaby with you without having to attach him to a harness and leash. Some products strap directly to your body, others are bags you carry with your little pup inside, and there are also strollers you can put your little pup in and push him around, just like a real baby. Strollers are a preferred dog carrier for many people who have small, medium, and large sized dogs, and there are many to choose from. Here are the top five selling dog strollers on the market today.

5. VIVO Pet Stroller – $52.99

It looks like a real baby stroller, and t hat’s because that is basically what it is, but it’s for your dog. The VIVO pet stroller can hold a pet that weighs up to 30 lbs and has four wheels to keep it sturdy and balanced well while you push your furbaby around town or on walks. The compartment where you dog will be sitting has a zippered opening and removable screen so that he can get better views while inside, or if you want to keep it open for even better, unobstructed views and visibility. The Top section even has a window for more views, and for mom or dad, there is a cup holder so that you can have your drink with you while out and about, plus a middle tray for carrying keys, dog snacks, doggie clean-up bags, or whatever. Your dog will be very comfortable inside with the padded bottom and for safety precautions, the wheels lock to keep your stroller in place, right where you put it.

4. BestPet 3-Wheel Pet Stroller – $39.99

BestPet has one of the top selling dog strollers on the market today and it is a 3-wheeled stroller that is cool and stylish looking. You can have access to this stroller ride from a folded position, in just five seconds. The basket where your dog rides is large and spacious. It is a comfortable ride, too, with the stroller’s 6-inch wheels that are able to maneuver over all types of terrain, including rough terrain. The outer material is Denier nylon and water-resistant so that you don’t have to worry about your furbaby getting all wet, if you get caught in the rain. With plenty of mesh windows, your dog get views, and fresh air while riding inside. For just $39.99, your dog could be riding comfortably on your outings. Check it out.

3. Paws and Pals Pet Stroller – $33.95

The hooded Paws and Pals pet stroller is the perfect, tote-your-pet-anywhere stroller. The 4-wheeled, roomy stroller keeps your dog safe inside with the seat belt, and comfortable, with the ample padding inside. The multiple mesh windows not only give your dog views while riding, but they keep the bugs out. Underneath the stroller is an storage compartment for holding your purse, a leash and harness, toys, snacks, and anything you need to carry with you. You can put your dog in the stroller from the front or back of the stroller with the dual-end entrances. You don’t want to get caught out in the rain, but if you do,  your furbaby will stay dry with the waterproof hood and it folds down quick and easy for storing it. You will only be set back $33.95 if this is the stylish, comfortable ride you want your dog in on your outings.

2. 3-Wheeled Pet Stroller and Folding Carrier  – $39.99

Your pup will look real cool in this stylish 3-wheeled pet stroller that is easy to maneuver anywhere you want to go, whether you love to jog, walk, shop, or have errands to run with your pet. It’s comfortable for your pet, and gives her plenty of views with the big, mesh window up front so she can see where she’s going, plus get plenty of fresh air. The material is Denier nylon and water resistant and has big, sturdy zippers for opening and closing the opening. Don’t worry about rough terrain, this stroller can handle it and your pet will remain cozy and comfortable on the ride. The stroller folds for easy storage. It’s one of the top selling pet strollers on the market today, and it’s only $39.99.

1. HPZ Pet Rover Premium Heavy Duty Dog and Pet Stroller With Convertible Compartment – $186.89

One of the very top selling dog strollers on the market today is the HPZ Pet Rover stroller. The stroller is designed to hold from small to large dogs, and it opens and folds in seconds for quick, easy accessibility and storage. It was designed with several upgraded features that you won’t find on all pet strollers; such as, the premium human-grade suspension system, and comfort-ride wheels. The front wheels are 360-degree rotating wheels, and it offers a rear breaking system for safety. You’ll love the lightweight frame, which makes it that much easier to push and pull. The stroller is very comfortable for your pet to ride in; it’s  luxurious and spacious, and has a large mesh, front window for optimum vision for your pet, all while keeping him free from bugs and giving him lots of fresh air. No matter where you go, you’ll feel better having your pet with you when you can take him along for the ride in something so stylish and easy to maneuver as this pet stroller. It is a bit more than most, but that’s because if offers so much.  You’ll pay $186.89 if you decide to order one.

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