The 10 Top Dog Names of 2014


Adopting a new dog is always a very exciting endeavor; after all, it’s like having a newborn baby joining your family, as dogs – and pets in general – are pretty much treated and thought of as an extra family member. Naming your canine is one of the most important, as well as most exciting, decisions you can make for your dog. You definitely want to name your pup something that fits their breed, look and personality, as well as a name that resonates with you! It can be difficult to come up with the perfect name for your pup, especially with the different trends that the years bring in dog names. Whether you need a name to avoid because it’s too popular or need an idea for a good name, here are the 10 top dog names of 2014.

Bailey – This name is increasing in popularity as a male or female dog’s name, just as it’s increasing in popularity as a child’s name. It’s often given to a blonde or light brown-haired dog after the tasty Irish Cream.

Bella – Meaning “beautiful” in Italian, this name is perfect for the beautiful female canine in your life. It seems to have been made popular by Twilight fans years ago, but seems to have staying power.

Daisy – It’s a great name for the happy dog in your life, which exudes sunshine and lots of energy.

Buddy – With dogs considered as “man’s best friend,” it’s only natural that their name also be a synonym for friend.

Charlie – An All-American name for a dog, this is a great name for a good, obedient dog that is everyone’s best friend. Any dog with floppy ears or that you want to be an obedient little canine is a good fit with this name!

Lucy – This name is perfect for a floppy-eared Lab or a tiny Yorkie – even a mischievous dog can be called Lucy after the vivacious, scheming redheaded title character in the classic TV show I Love Lucy.

Max – This name is one syllable, easy to say and understand for our canine friends. It was also the name of Prince Eric’s dog in Disney’s The Little Mermaid!

Maggie – This is a great name for a dog that seems to be an old soul – the dogs that are sweet, quiet and who seem like great caretakers.

Molly – Short and sweet, this name is a classic one that fits practically any breed of female dog.

Sadie – It’s only been a couple of years that this name has been popular for dogs, but the simple but spunky name is a perfect fit for those canines that aren’t exactly too sweet and have a little bit of an edge in them.

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