11 Year Old Boy Sets Up Lemonade Stand To Help Save A Sick Dog with a Heart Murmur

12 year old boy

A smart and helpful little boy has done something truly amazing for a dog he has never met before.  The 12-year-old child whose name is Dominic Locatelli heard about the dog through a family friend.  The canine had a serious heart condition and needed surgery to live.  But the dog couldn’t wait around until her owner could save up enough money because her condition was getting worse. The dog who is a Yorkie who goes by the name of Rosie was only 6 months old and didn’t have long to live in her current condition.

When Dominic found out about Rosie he decided to do something to help raise money in order to save the dog’s life.  Dominic set up a lemonade and cookie stand in front of his parents’ home in hopes of raising enough money to help the pooch.  When people saw what he was doing many of them chipped in and bought a few cookies and some lemonade. But when word got out about this endeavor even more people showed up.  Dominic is not even a teenager yet but he sure does know a lot about the world of business.  The 12-year-old knew just the right price to sell the cookies and this on the spot business idea really took off.

At the time of this article Dominic has raised $1000 to help with Rosie’s surgery and he is very pleased with his efforts.  And something else happened that will really put a smile on your face.  It seems that Dominic actually got to meet Rosie for the very first time in person.  On a Sunday afternoon the pair got to meet.  Rosie’s owner paid the lemonade stand a visit and brought the pooch along with her.  Everyone had a really great time and Rosie really seemed to love all of the kids who were helping with the fundraising.  Thanks to Dominic and to all the people who visited his lemonade stand, Rosie is one step closer to getting her surgery.  If you would like to learn more about this story and get to see this awesome kid in action, please check out the video below.

Image via YouTube.com

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