19 Year Old Jack Russell-Collie Mix Rescue Dog Beats All Odds to Survive

Kia 1

When it comes to beating the odds, the dog is this story is a very lucky animal.  A Jack Russell and Collie mix, was found walking down a street in the small English town of Loughborough.  The canine was spotted by an animal control officer, who captured the dog and brought her to the animal shelter.  The old-looking dog was checked for a micro-chip, in hopes of finding out who was the proper owner of the dog.  After running the scanner over the dog’s back, the animal control officer was shocked at what she was seeing.  It seems that the chip dates back to 1996, making the dog at least 19 years old.

After recording the information on the chip, animal control attempted to contact the owner of the dog.  But after visiting the address that was found on the chip, they found that the house had been torn down. This shocked the officer and it seems that the dog has been on the streets for a very long time.  With no owner, the shelter was going to have to house the animal until someone adopted her.

The dog who has tons of energy, has been seen by a Vet and has been treated for an ear infection.  She is doing much better now and is gaining weight.  She is a very mobile dog for her age and she seems to be in great shape.  She is recovering very well and her name is now Kia.  She is living with her foster mom and soon she will be ready to go to a forever home.  Everyone is very excited about the dog finding a new home and they are amazed at her age.  No one knows what happened to her old owner and there is no way of finding out were they went.  Soon, the now famous canine will be moved into her new forever home, were she will receive tons of love and lots of food.  After spending so many years on the streets out in the rain and cold weather, this pooch is finally going to get to sleep in a warm and dry doggie bed of her very own.

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