The 20 Funniest Dog Names for 2015


Dog names can be a lot of fun. Some people take it very seriously, searching for a name that means something unique or special, or naming their dogs after something important to their family. Other people want to meet their dog and get an idea of what kind of personality he or she has before settling on a name for the animal. Other dog owners just want to name their dogs something that won’t sound ridiculous in the instance they have to call for the dog from the front porch or in the park in front of other people. Still, others want to find the most hilarious, funniest possible name for their dog specifically for that reason. If you want heads to turn when you’re calling your dog in public, try naming him or her one of his hilarious monikers.


When we think of the name Meatball for a dog, we think of something like a bulldog or a pug. Why? Because they’re a bit shorter and a bit meatier, so this name seems to fit so seamlessly. You might also want to consider this name if you have a very small dog that probably doesn’t weigh much more than a meatball. After all, it’s the irony of the situation that makes it so hilarious and entertaining.


Porkchop is another hilarious name that will work really well on a dog that isn’t very big or one that is absolutely huge. It’s a name that isn’t really all that hilarious unless you really pick the right dog to give it to. Our advice is to consider the name, but not to settle on the name until you’ve had the chance to meet the dog and decide if it’s the kind of animal that would make a great porkchop. Otherwise it just won’t work so well.

Marco Polo

Picture this; you’re standing on your front porch calling your dog to come into the house yelling Marco Polo. Your neighbors are going to wonder when you had a pool put in, or they’re going to think you’re absolutely insane. But the best part is that you just won’t be able to do this with a straight face. You will seriously not be able to call your dog without laughing hysterically and pausing just a bit between yelling Marco and Polo. That alone is going to make you laugh even harder every time you have to call the dog.


This name is only going to work if you have a wiener dog. This is going to crack people up on a daily basis. Anyone and everyone that hears you calling the dog by his name is going to crack a smile. We’re willing to bet that you can make someone’s day by using this as the name of your dog. Just be sure to call the dog by name as often as possible for the best results when you’re out in public. It’s the only way to do it and do it well.


Of course you have to name your dog Goofy. It’s the name of Mickey Mouse’s friend, who just so happens to also be a dog. It’s a very dog-like name that’s going to bring a smile to the faces of anyone who likes Disney. We recommend using this name on a big dog, preferably on one with big ears and a tongue that kind of falls out the side of his or her mouth anytime he runs or plays. Why? Because that just makes a dog look like a dog who should be named Goofy.


Because he’s a dog; that’s why. This is the best name for a dog. People will not expect it, and even if they do, it’s going to make them laugh every single time. “Kitten, come here! Come here, Kitten!” is what you’re going to yell when you want your dog to come to you. And it’s so much better if Kitten is a big dog. We think that a Great Dane, Mastiff or even a German Shepherd would make a great Kitten. And if it’s a male dog, that just makes it even funnier and more enjoyable.


How cute is it to name a dog after, well, a baby? No one expects you to call a big, muscular dog by the name Baby. They might, however, expect that you’d use a name like Baby on a dog such as a little one. If you want to increase the funny factor with this name, skip the little dog and get a big one. The bigger and meaner your dog looks, the funnier this name is going to sound when you use it to call your dog’s name. We promise that this one is hilarious.


It’s just funny. You just became the person who cannot even think of a name for a dog, so you just call it dog. Also, it’s going to amuse you and your family endlessly when you are out in public and you are calling your dog by his name and people are looking at you as if you’ve lost your mind. They might even think you’re just calling some random dog – any dog – to come over to you for a game of fetch or a bowl of water. This is going to provide you with endless entertainment.


How many times have you said you should have just named your kids, “Stop that,” throughout their childhood? Probably a number of times, and you might actually mean it on occasion. Since you can’t name your kids stop without giving them a Hollywood celebrity baby name complex, you can take out your frustration on your dog. You’re going to use the term often enough, so why not just call the dog No and kill two birds with one stone? We are laughing just thinking about someone calling their dog No on a regular basis. But we do think it will save confusion.


The name of an elephant with giant ears is cute, but when you choose to provide a dog with the same giant ears with the same name, it’s even cuter. In fact, it’s going to be downright funny. It’s not going to be funny in the same sarcastic or hilarious way that some of these other names will be when used on dogs, but it’s still going to be quite cute, and people will really enjoy hearing a big-eared dog by the name of Dumbo being called when they’re out.


It’s another one of those names you’re likely going to wish you’d named your dog when you get him home. Seriously, if you get a puppy, the name Stop is going to work double-duty, especially during the training years. This name is funny, and go ahead and think about that one for a minute. “Stop!” Every time you yell that name to your dog, everyone around you is going to both turn around and wonder if you’re talking to them, or they’re actually going to actually stop. When you’re feeling particularly bored, take your dog to the park and continuously call for him.


Big Daddy

What name is more fun for a dog than Big Daddy? Giving the name Big Daddy to an incredibly small dog is what’s more fun than simply naming a dog Big Daddy. Go ahead and name your small dog Big Daddy, and you’re going to realize immediately that this is the best name that ever happened to your family and to your dog. It’s going to not only make other people die of laughter when they hear you call the dog, it’s going to give you a laugh from time to time as well.


Sometimes dogs are not that intelligent. They’re sweet and they’re actually much smarter than humans care to give them credit for, but it does seem that we are often quick to label them as unintelligent. Of course, that moment usually happens when they’re chewing on a pair of $700 Manolo Blahniks in the closet. Then the name Bozo is going to fit very well. Here’s to naming your dog Bozo and getting a good laugh out of it when it really matches his personality.


If you pronounce it without the “g” at the end, it’s going to be that much more fun. Dumplin’ is so southern and so genteel that you’re going to love this name. Actually, it might not be that funny, but it is a great name to give a great big dog that looks like it’s going to rip your head off if you irritate him. When you talk about your dog Dumplin’ to coworkers, friends or family that haven’t met him, they’re going to have a bit of a shock when they finally meet your little ‘dumplin.

Mr. Handsome Pants

Mr. Handsome Pants is the name of a dog that is going to have a big ego. It’s also the name that’s going to have people literally laughing out loud when they hear you talking to your dog. They’re going to wonder if you have some sort of secret love affair going on, if it’s the dog’s nickname, or if you just have some crazy issues going on. Either way, it’s going to be exceptionally funny, and we love that about this name. Also, your spouse is going to laugh maniacally when you call the dog into the house and the neighbors hear you.


Fang is the perfect name for a dog that has a big, fun personality and a small, small body. It’s going to be even funnier if you get one of those signs for your front yard or door that states that all guests and solicitors should “Be Aware of Fang, the Dog,” because Fang just absolutely has to be a tiny dog. We love it for something like a Maltipoo or a Shih Tzu. It’s just funny no matter how you look at it!


What a cute name for a big, intimidating dog. If you take a minute, you’ll understand that the hilarity in many dog’s names comes straight from the fact that you can give a big, dangerous looking dog a sweet, cutesy name and it just works as hilarious. The same goes for a tiny dog that wouldn’t hurt a fly who has a name that sounds like he’s going to kill you in a single bite.

Hot Dog  

If you get a hot dog dog, there is no better name than Hot Dog. It’s cliché, it’s expected and it’s totally hilarious. There are probably a million and one Hot Dogs out there, but it never fails to go ahead and amuse us to no end. We love it because it is expected, and it is cute. We also love the name because it’s funny, and even if you’ve heard it a hundred times, you’re still going to find it funny when you say it.


We like this one for any dog, but really for a large dog because it’s just so much fun to name a big dog something sweet and cute. Sweetpea makes a great dog name because it’s just cute, and it’s fun to yell the name when you’re in public. Call this dog when you’re in the park or out in the neighborhood and you will get a lot of looks when you do it.

Mr. President

Regardless of which president you choose to name your dog after, it’s funny because it just is. Many people might argue that naming your dog after a president or naming him Mr. President is disrespectful, but we disagree. We think that people love their dogs and that they would love to commemorate them by naming them after their favorite president. Or it could go the other way around. It really goes whichever way you choose to make it go. Either way, it’s pretty funny to stand out in public calling your dog by yelling the name of a president every five seconds until the dog comes. See how many people turn and look to see who is coming.

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