27 Puppies Lives Saved By Brave Firefighter

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Okay, if you save one puppy from some very bad person, you are a true hero to us. If you save two puppies, we will build you a small shrine in your honor. You save three puppies we will get a tattoo of you on our back. But you save 27 puppies from certifiable death, you become like Supermen to us. We speak of you only in hushed tones to anyone who will listen. You heroes make us believe in the deepest reaches of humanity. Be prepared, because these fire fighters we are about to talk about are going to be your new heroes.

Did you hear about the woman in Vegas recently who lit her pet shop on fire on purpose? We will not say her name nor bring her any attention. That is not what we do. We can only hope that, now that she is arrested, that some very bad things will befall her for her actions. What we do want to focus here,  is the rescuers who saved all those puppies from an unimaginable fate. We hear about people doing stuff like that and it makes us go a little crazy. I wont go so far as to say I hope bad things happen to that woman, but I think we are ALL thinking it right now.

Let’s instead focus on energies in how well it all played out. Because of the brave and fearless fire fighters, every single puppy was saved from that store, and will make a full recovery. THAT is why we tell these stories. Because these stories all end the same way. With the dogs walking away, tails wagging, and the awful people locked down for what they did.

All we know right now is the suspect is being held on bale that went from $20,000.000 to $400,000.00 as soon as the judge saw the outpouring from the public. All we can say is she better be glad she is locked in a room with iron bars, because that is keeping her safe from a bunch of angry dog lovers right now.

But again, rather than think about that, how about a huge thank you to the Las Vegas fire fighters who helped save all 27 puppies from a blazing inferno.

You guys are the true heroes today.

(Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

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