What 3 Stray Dogs Did When A Suicide Bomber Approached Is Unbelievable

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Sgt. Chris Duke of the Georgia National Guard, was serving in Afghanistan when he bounded with some of the residents.  But these residents were not people, but in fact stray dogs.  Sgt. Duke quickly formed a bond with these three stray dog, as well as the rest of the soldiers serving with him.  The soldier explains in an interview, that the dogs were a form of escape and helped add a bit of normalcy to their tour.  The dogs really loved the attention they were getting and stayed with the soldiers even during the night and something amazing was going to come from it.

One night in the month of February, a suicide bomber had plans of getting inside the barracks were the soldiers were sleeping and he was going to blow himself up.  But the attacker wasn’t going to get close enough to pull the attack off.  As the bomber approach the encampment something happened that would save the lives of the people who were sleeping inside. The man who was trying to kill the 50 soldiers, was going to be surprised by the three dogs who were waiting just outside for him.

The canines started barking loudly and then they attacked the bomber.  He was unable to reach the barracks, so he blew himself up away from the soldiers.  Sadly one of the dogs, whose name was Sasha, was badly injured in the blast and had to be put down.  There was no way the soldiers could get her to an animal hospital in time.  But the two other dogs named Rufus and Target were able to survive the blast and they were able to nurse them back to health. A month after the attack Sgt. Duke had to return home and his tour was over, but the dogs had to stay behind.  This worried Sgt. Duke, who wanted to do all he could to give these brave canines a forever home.  So Sgt. Duke decided to reach out to a group called Hope for the warriors.  This group helps soldiers with many different things.  When the group heard about the story, they decided to help the man bring the dogs home to America.  Other groups got involved and raised $21,000 to help bring the canines back to the states.  In the video below you will see the soldier meeting the dogs at the airport.  This story had a really happy ending and the dogs now have a forever home.

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