3-Year-Old Girl Without Feet Receives A Puppy Without A Paw

Dog and toddler 1

Sapphyre Johnson is a 3-year-old toddler from Tennessee. The little girl who had to have both of her feet amputated at the tender age of one has seen her fair share of challenges over her short life.  But recently she received a beautiful gift that the she has come to love.  A super cute white puppy was given to the girl by a kind hearted person.  The former owner of the puppy felt that the little girl and the puppy would have something in common.  You see the puppy who now goes by the name Lt. Dan was born with a missing front paw that made him very different from the other puppies in the litter.

When the little girl first saw her new friend she stated that the dog was just like her.  Many children with disabilities never get to interact with other children or animals with similar conditions but having a pet that the little girl can relate to really helps her understand that there are others out there that share the same issues as she does.  Sapphyre was extremely happy to receive the dog and as you can see in the photo she loves playing with her new found best friend. The two are now inseparable and love to play outside with one another. The puppy is full of energy and enjoys running around and his missing front paw doesn’t seem to be an issue.

This puppy came from Karen Riddle, a dog breeder that lives near the little girl.  Many of her fellow breeders suggested that she put the puppy down due to his condition.  But Riddle refused and instead decided to give the puppy to Sapphyre in hopes that the puppy would bring some joy and understanding to the little girl’s life.  Lt. Dan is more than just a pet; the little white dog also serves as a therapy dog for the toddler.  This comfort animal will give the child years of joy.  Having a dog with a similar issue, the child will now be able to better explain her condition to other children that she meets.

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