Watch This Amazing Video of Dogs Feeling Love for the Very First Time

dogs feeling love for first time

Meat farming is disgusting in a way that we cannot even begin to describe. Some might say that it sounds strange for us to say that considering we eat meat and we do farm cows and other animals for the simple fact that we drink their milk and eat their meat when they are slaughtered. However, most people don’t do this to their dogs and cats. In Korea, it’s not uncommon for meat farms to be filled with dogs that the people working them will slaughter and use to make meat that the people there will eat much the same way we might eat a chicken or a cow. It’s disturbing in a way we cannot even describe to you. This video is of dogs that were all rescued from a meat farm in Korea.

Their entire lives, these dogs lived in tiny cages covered in their own feces and without freedom. Their only goal in life was to die so that they could provide meat to those who eat it. It’s not a good life for these dogs, and it’s something that most people in the world are trying to change. When these dogs were rescued by a group trying to put an end to dog meat farming, they were taken to shelters and finally shown what real love looks like. Most of these animals have never once been touched by a human and have no idea what it feels like to be pet or loved. Watch them as they are for the first time. It’s surprisingly emotional.  

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