San Francisco Police Go On Low Speed Chihuahua Chase Across the Bay Bridge

police chase

California police have not seen a police chase this exciting since the day that OJ Simpson took off in his white Bronco and evaded the law all day long through Southern California. Accused of killing his ex-wife and her boyfriend, he was not making good decisions that year, and he hasn’t seemed to make any good decisions since, either. He’s probably the man who has taken police on the most famous chase of all time, but we think that San Francisco police officers got to experience an even more exciting police chase this week when they chased a tiny black Chihuahua with their patrol units across the Bay Bridge. Obviously a nefarious criminal, this dog was accused of a horrible crime; running on a dangerous bridge and risking his own life.

The officers spotted the dog and were only trying to get the dog to stop running so they could rescue him and bring him to safety. Clearly, the Bay Bridge is not a place that is considered overly safe for a small dog to go running along in the thick, dense fog. Officers pursued the dog on their motorcycle until he finally stopped running and they were able to scoop him up and take him back to safety. It was a job well done by all involved, and probably the best thing passersby could have ever witnessed in their lives. The dog is now safe and sound, and officers are feeling good about that. Take a look at the video for the cuteness overload.   

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