Scared Golden Retriever Takes a Ride in His Humans Arms Down the Escalator

dog on escalator

We all have a few little fears in our lives that might seem silly to some and completely crazy to others. Yet there are still those who see our crazy fears and think to themselves that they are on board with that one. They agree because they get it. They understand silly fears. The dog in this video is a silly fear dog with a fear I’ve seen only one other time in my life; the fear of an escalator. This is Bob Marley, and he is a Golden Retriever who is very apparently not happy with escalators. I know as a child I was always afraid that if I did not jump off the escalator quickly enough, it would suck me flat into the place where it ended and I’d never be able to escape. I just knew this with the utmost certainty and there was nothing you could ever do that would change my mind as it applied to this situation in life. I knew it, and it was certain that I would die.

This dog is probably about as certain as I was as a child, and so he decided to do what any normal dog would do; jump into the arms of his owner and hope for the best. He did it, and we have to say it’s one of the most hilarious things we’ve ever seen. This big dog in the arms of his human afraid of a set of moving stairs. Take a look to see for yourself.

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