31 Dogs in Kentucky Are Rescued Before Being Euthanized


It’s a sad statistic and unfortunately a harsh reality, but this is why spaying and neutering can save animal lives, especially our furry four-legged friends. In Kentucky alone, two to three hundred animals are euthanized every week because the shelters and pounds are just so overcrowded. It’s sad and disheartening, and luckily some kind-hearted folks are trying to do something about it. An organization in Michigan is making the news by attempting to change those statistics massively by going around and trying to fit as many animals as possible in their van. They ended up fitting and rescuing 31 dogs!

Their name is the Animal Rescue Project and the Kalamazoo-based organization is made up of all volunteers. They not only serve those in their area, but have taken trips all over Michigan, Kentucky and even Mexico. While it may take a lot more money for the organization to make the rescues (costing about $35 for each dog each day), to them it’s all worth it because it gives the animals a chance to possibly end up with loving forever families.

“I don’t want to say really how bad it is, because it was hard for me not to cry when I saw some of the conditions at the pound,” said Bethany Mayuiurs, who is a volunteer for Animal Rescue Project.

Mayuiurs is one of those kindhearted people who really care for the dogs. In fact, she was one of the volunteers who made the journey this past Saturday, going around Kentucky pounds and picking up as many dogs are humanly possible. That day, they were able to rescue 31 dogs and brought them all to Michigan for better lives. Their main priority is giving them the best care possible and caring for them until they are in good health to be able to be adopted. Most of those puppies that were rescued this Saturday had had no human or dog contact before, so it was important to introduce that right away, according to another volunteer named David Frost.

“I’ve been doing this for 15 years. The animals that you knew were on death’s door that is now in a home with kids, well that is what we all strive for,” Frost said.

(Photo Source: FOX 17)

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