47 People Arrested and 8 Dogs Rescued in Akron Dog Fighting Bust


While dog fighting is illegal in this country and one of the most disheartening realities, it’s also a reality that it still goes on, regardless of its illegal status. Many dogs are seriously injured and often killed in these dog fighting rings that happen more than we would like to think. Thankfully, authorities continue to crack down and break up these dog fighting rings and are able to save some canine lives. In Ohio recently, 47 people were arrested and 8 dogs were rescued in an Akron dog fighting bust last week thanks to law enforcement. Police had broken up the dog ring during an active dog fight, with participants coming from all over the country, including California, Illinois, Indiana, New York and Pennsylvania.

“It’s horrifying to see a dog ring with blood all over it and know that these people bring their dogs to be injured or killed,” said James Nice, who is the Police Chief of Akron. “This was actually a well-orchestrated fight.”

For a fight that brought people from all over, that isn’t so much shocking as it is disheartening. They had chains to hold the dogs, showers to wash off the blood, treadmills to get the dogs exercise, and even a concession stand to sell food. As disgusting as it may be, these people running it were prepared. Luckily they weren’t prepared for the raid, which probably undoubtedly saved the lives of the rescued dogs. The dogs that were rescued in the raid were pit bulls; of the eight, two of them were found to be injured. One was very emaciated, and they both suffered from multiple puncture wounds and lacerations, according to Tim Harden, a Summit County humane officer who was part of the raid. Forty seven people were arrested in connection to the dog ring and were charged with felony dog fighting. With dog fighting being illegal, it comes as no surprise that many of those arrested also had outstanding warrants for other charges as well.

What becomes of the rescued pit bull dogs from the dog ring? The Humane Society of Greater Akron will give the canines a home while criminal proceedings like court dates and such take place.

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

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