60 Dogs Rescued as Fighting Breeder is Arrested in Alabama

Dog fighting ring

We all have heard stories of people fighting dogs from time to time.  While this trend doesn’t seem to be going away even after crackdowns by law enforcement, these criminals seem to not care about either the animals or the law.  But one case in Alabama really will make your blood boil especially if you are an animal lover.

In the town of Cottonwood, Alabama some 60 dogs have been found chained to all sorts of things including broken down cars and trees.  These animals which were in very poor shape were part of a major dog fighting ring.  While it’s unclear why so many dogs were needed it’s apparent that the people who done this doesn’t care about the lives of these precious animals.

Many of the dogs that were rescued by HSUS, a local animal rights organization, were so underweight that they were almost dead when the group got to them.  Most of the dogs that were on the property were Dogo Argentinos but they did find two French bulldogs as well as one German shepherd.

Dog fighting ring 2

But this dog fighting ring is a bit different than the ones you normally see on the news.  Instead of placing two dogs in the ring to fight one another a wild hog is brought in.  The hog and the dogs are pit against one another and people bet on which dog will kill the hog.  This very disturbing trend is thought to be growing in popularity in the dog fighting world especially in the Southern states of the country.

That’s not all; law enforcement found out that the people who were in the property that was raid were facing many different charges.  Weapons and drugs were also located during the raid.  It’s a safe bet that those accused of these crimes will serve many years behind bars and will never be allowed to own a dog again.  While this story is very sad, it does have a happy ending because these animals no longer have to suffer in such poor conditions. No names have been released yet and it’s not clear at the time of this article when a trail will be set.


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