60 Dogs Rescued from Dog Fighting Ring in Illinois

dog fight

Few things in life are as difficult to process and understand as those who use dogs for sport. I’m not talking about those with their own hunting dogs that accompany them into the woods, or those who have therapy or service dogs or even police dogs. I’m not talking about runners and hiker who teach their dogs to enjoy the same sport. I’m not talking about anyone who uses dogs for fun sports, family entertainment and to spend quality time with them. I’m talking about people who use their dogs for fighting rings. They are raised all alone and shoved into kennels, and they are pitted against one another to fight literally to the death. A dog has to die for a winner to emerge, and these dogs are forced to do things that are not natural, or even appropriate by human beings that are just awful.

This is a video that makes us sick, yet makes us so appreciative in the process. It’s the video of a bust in Illinois. The ASPCA and local police in Illinois coordinated their efforts to obtain ten search warrants to be used to rescue more than sixty dogs from suspected dog fighting rings in the area. Thankfully, each of the dogs was rescued and seems to be all right in the grand scheme of things. Each will be monitored, checked out and it will be determined if their health and personalities will make them adoptable after training and rehabilitation. The people who ran the rings are being charged for their crimes.      

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