69 Dogs Rescued From A Fighting Ring May Get A New Chance At Life


It’s an incredibly sad reality that dog fighting still continues to go on, affecting the lives and futures of so many unfortunate canines. So it’s a delight to hear those successful news stories of dogs being rescued from the tragedy that is a dog fighting ring. In fact, 69 dogs have since been rescued from a single fighting ring recently. While the circumstances are horrible, it’s nice to know that these dogs will get a well-deserved second chance!

The canines, who are suspected of being in a dog fighting ring, were actually thought to be freed from abuse in order to be euthanized by their rescuers. Suffice to say, that is not the case anymore, and it’s possible that many of the dogs can be saved, according to officials. Found last month in two locations in Polk County, Florida, some of the canines were badly wounded. When they were found, they were spotted restrained with heavy chains and trapped in small cages. Police even allegedly found bloody arenas with seated areas for spectators where the dog fighting would have taken place.

Two people have since been arrested as suspects of this vicious crime. While many of the dogs seemed to be so badly in shape that they would need to be euthanized, that simply isn’t the case anymore – thankfully! The Polk County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Carrie Horstman has revealed that now at least some of the dogs may be granted reprieve.

“The Humane Society has taken 18 puppies. The SPCA of Lakeland has taken two puppies and has placed holds on five other dogs –- they will retrieve those dogs as soon as they complete the reports they have written about their evaluations of those dogs,” Horstman said. “As you can see, we have reached out to several rescue organizations who have evaluated the dogs and will take possession of the ones they deem not too aggressive/able to be rehabilitated.”

(Photo Source: Polk County Sheriff’s Office)

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