7 Great Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love Their Furbabies

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With father’s day right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of gift ideas he’ll actually enjoy. For the dog lovers out there, this task isn’t so difficult. Find something that reminds them specifically of their pet, or something sentimental. It will make them smile and will help strengthen the bond between them and their pooch. Here are seven great gift ideas for the pet-loving dad in your life.

A Pillow with Their Pooch’s Photo

An amazing gift idea for that special dog lover in your life is a special, completely customized pillow for them to cuddle up with. These kinds of pillows aren’t your standard fare though. They have a photo of the beloved dog printed right on them, so they can always be reminded of their special pet. Comfortable and adorable, these pillows are great gifts that are both affordable and memorable. Guaranteed to put a smile on his face.

A Subscription to Dognition

This is an excellent gift to give to any man who’s serious about training his dog to be the best it can be. Buy him a one-year subscription and watch as he learns more about his dog than he ever thought possible. He’ll play games to get a customized profile for his pooch, based on the personality type of the dog. Along with it comes custom-tailored training advice based on the individuality of the dog. A great gift that he’ll never forget.

Dad and Dog Hoodies from American Apparel

If the man in your life enjoys dressing up his pooch, this is a fun gift that will make him smile and laugh with joy. Get both him and his doggo matching hooded sweatshirts. They come in a wide range of sizes so all types of dogs can match their most favorite human, whether they’re a Maltipoo or a Great Dane. Together they’ll turn heads and stay warm and cozy on those wet and rainy days that are sure to arrive soon. Practical and thoughtful, these are a great father’s day gift.

A Subscription to DogTV

For dad’s who work a lot, it can be stressful on their pup to be left home alone for long stretches at a time. This can lead to separation anxiety or a depressed dog. We know dads love their dogs, so this is a great gift. DogTV is a channel created just for pups that helps soothe and calm them during those long and lonely hours. No more anxious pups who destroy the house, just a happy pup ready to play as soon as their owner gets home.

Wisdom Panel Breed Identification DNA Test

There are a number of reasons that the father in your life may not know exactly what breeds make up his canine friend. He could have found a pup on the street and taken it in or bought a puppy from a friend who wasn’t sure who the father was. He could have rescued the dog from a shelter and may not know anything about his heritage. Either way, this Wisdom Panel Breed testing kit will end the mystery. By knowing what breed of dog he has, he can know important health risks and temperamental traits his dog may have. Plus, it’ll feel pretty exciting to finally know what makes up his pooch, and where he or she came from. A great gift for many canine father’s!


Does a father in your life have a pooch with some seriously high energy levels? Help them completely rethink the game of fetch. Buy them this unique tool that doubles as a toy for his hyper dog. Encourage him to take it along with him during his next trip to the dog park, and see how much his pet enjoys this thrilling new way of playing catch. Use the tool to throw the ball longer distances than the pooch is used to, and watch him finally get tired out after a good play session. Plus, dad will never again have to touch slobber coated tennis balls!

A Subscription to BarkBox

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now. There’s a box for pretty much anything, from luxury bath products to tasty snacks that will help keep you on your diet. BarkBox is a tried and true box that comes each and every month, full of dog toys, tasty treats, and other goodies made just for pups. Any dog-loving dad would appreciate having this delivered to their home, and so would their pooch. Price varies based on the size of the dog, but even for those giant breeds, it’s pretty reasonable for all the awesome products he’ll receive. Put a smile on his face this father’s day.

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