A Corgi Puppy Brave Enough to Take on the Scary Spoon!

Corgi Puppy

We are often afraid of things that we don’t understand or things we’ve never really experience or seen before. Many times, that hurts us because we can get really defensive over it, whether we like to admit it or not. An angry little Corgi puppy named Scout proves to be a brave and tough little guy. The young puppy gets weary over a scary spoon it discovers on the floor. The spoon might as well as be a poisonous snake, because that’s what the Corgi puppy acts like. The dogs may be small and tiny in stature, but you know what they say: they pack a lot of body and personality into their small bodies. Corgis are actually excellent watchdogs and are also strong-willed individuals. These dogs will also bark if left alone for long periods of time, which can be a good thing and a big thing, In a viral video going around, we see a very angry-looking dog who just can’t understand what that silver spoon is. He constantly barks at it when there is learning so much and buffets of endless knowledge.

In the brief video below, Scout the 11-week-old puppy discovers a spoon for the first time ever. Because it’s her first ever encounter with the piece of silverware and because she is a dog/animal, of course she gets angry and afraid of the new item. Scout really has personal problem with the spoon and throughout the brief video, barks and barks a sort of shrill sounding bark at the utensil as it sits by its lonesome on the wooden floor. It’s pretty funny to think that this little ball of fluff is really having a problem with a piece of silverware and chewing it out via a series of angry barks at it.

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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