A Good Samaritan Rescues a Dog Believed to be Used for Fighting


A good Samaritan named Gene brought a dog named Triton to the human society of Indianapolis the other day.   The dog had to undergo emergency surgery due to injuries sustained in what was believed to be dog fighting.  While Triton didn’t have any external or facial injuries the dog had been through quite a bit.

“There are no wounds on Triton’s face,” said Christine Jeschke, IndyHumane’s Chief Operations Officer. “Dogs used as bait for dog fight practice are often muzzled or their mouths are bound with duct tape so they can’t defend themselves and injure the prize dog.”

At the current time Triton is not available for adoption due to the extensive wounds and situation.  He did however undergo successful surgery.   Those who wish to make a donation to Triton’s medical care can do so at IndyHumane.org. Citizens are urged to report any suspected dog fighting activity to Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.

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