Abandoned Dog Stares at Wall For Weeks

abandoned dog

Barkley is a beautiful dog that probably has a wonderful personality, but no one knows for certain. Why? Because this darling dog was depressed and lonely when he was found a few weeks ago wandering aimlessly around a trailer park looking for his family. Based on information gathered by those who called to report him, this dog was abandoned by his family and left behind without them. It’s a heartbreaking tale, and it’s one that’s made even more heartbreaking when you hear the rest of this story. This sweet dog was looking for his family, and he was unable to find them. When rescuers came for him, he was so depressed that he spent weeks looking at a wall in his shelter. He didn’t want to go on walks. He didn’t even want to eat. It was all the shelter could do to care for him in the most basic manner.

Sadly, Barkley still needs a home of his own, but we are happy to report that he is at least doing a little better in terms of eating his meals and taking walks. He’s beginning to trust the shelter staff and their roles in his life. He is still depressed, but he has opened up a bit and is more accepting of the care he is receiving. All he needs now is a home filled with love and attention to turn his feelings around and make him feel welcomed and wanted all over again. We hope he can find that sooner rather than later.

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