Abandoned Dog Without Eyesight Finds A Forever Home

blind dog

The Arizona Humane Society is on a roll taking care of animals that are abandoned by their horrible owners in the most awful conditions. They’re the same shelter that handled Brownie, the pit bull left behind by his family on the couch they no longer wanted by the side of the street when they moved. Now they are the shelter credited with saving the life of another pit bull. This one was found wandering the side of the road, sick and injured and looking pretty close to death. The darling pit bull goes by the name Ashton. His eyes were dislocated from their position in his head, and he was limping, exhausted and injured so badly that no one thought this dog would live. Regardless, however, they took this dog to the shelter and saved his life.

Sadly, this darling dog was not able to continue using his eyes and they were removed as a way of saving his life. Becoming used to life without sight cannot be easy, but Ashton is doing a remarkable job of it. Trainers worked long, hard hours with this sweet dog to teach him how to go about living his life without eyesight. This training was for Ashton, but also so that he could become used to his new way of life before they could place him with a forever family – hopefully. Well, we have good news; Ashton has found the home of his dreams and he is doing quite well there. This sweet dog now has a mother and a father that love him and want him around all the time, and we are so happy for them.

Photo by Arizona Humane Society  

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