An Abused Pitbull Meets an Autistic Boy and the Unthinkable Happens


Many people fear pitbulls and often refuse to have anything to do with them because of their reputation for being too wild and too rough – among other things. It’s a darn shame, because they can actually be some of the sweetest and most wonderful dog breeds there are out there. An example of a sweet pitbull is Xena, a canine who was initially found because it had endured such neglect and abuse.

Johnny Hickey’s mother is the one who found out about the pitbull while watching television one day. The poor pooch had been found, severely neglected and malnourished, as well as being abused. Johnny, a shy autistic child who often had outbursts and tantrums following him as he was doing something as simple like going to the grocery, had been going to therapy for his condition when his mother surprised him with the dog. Xena and Johnny had an immediate bond since the moment they both saw one another – a feat that would have not been possible only a little while prior. According to his parents, Johnny’s personality has changed drastically for the better because of the positive influence the dog and the boy¬†have on one another.

In the video below, we hear and see Xena the dog and her friend Johnny’s story. The poor pit bull ended up overcoming neglect and ended up helping Johnny, a shy autistic child, to come out of his shell. You can watch below how the two help each other out below!

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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