Addressing The Myths and Truths About Dog Kisses

I am sorry, but isn’t it kind of funny when you meet someone who flips out over dog kisses? It seems there are two schools of people on this Earth. The people who think dog kisses are vile and yucky, and the people who seem to think getting dog kisses is the greatest compliment of all from a dog. Well, we don’t want to crush any dreams, but it seems that the people who were freaking out about how unsanitary dog kisses are might have a point.

There was a rather elaborate piece about dog kisses and whether or not we should allow dog kisses from our pets over at CesarsWay, and it seems it may be a might be far more unsanitary than we had thought prior. Keep in mind, we are not telling you this to scare you away from dog kisses. We are just telling you so that you are aware how it can affect health on both sides. Remember, with dog kisses, they get some of our germs, too!

I think the most shocking statistic in the whole piece is Dr. Oz’s angle on it. We wont go into great detail, because it is a bit “icky”, but if you know anything about “hookworm”, you know very well it is not something to be laughed at. So just be aware, people. Our mouths are not the cleanest places, and despite what you have heard to the opposite, our dog’s mouths are not either. Better to be safe than salmonella we always say.

(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

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