Adorable Chubby Dog is Saved From Being Trapped in a Fence


They say that cats are the curious animals that often get themselves in big trouble because of their curiosity, but the same thing rings true for our furry four-legged canine friends! Dogs often find themselves in a pickle because they are also the ever-curious creatures that tend to stick their nose everywhere. Many dog owners can relate, like my dog who tends to love to “explore” anything and everything: once he went deep into the garden and got himself stung by the bee for being a bit too curious! Some dogs can get themselves into quite the predicament, like an adorable chubby dog from Chile who ended up stuck in the iron posts of a fence and needing firefighters to help him get out.

The mischievous canine overseas got himself stuck, needing assistance from volunteer firefighters who eventually got the dog out. While the dog’s rescuers aren’t completely sure how the dog was able to get himself stuck, they have their speculations. They think that the canine was chasing another dog and probably thought he could fit and squeeze through the iron bars, which led to him getting stuck since his frame was way too big to pass through. The firefighters had to use the Jaws of Life in order to get the fence to widen so that the dog could pass through. Once the dog was free and able to walk away, the firefighters then readjusted the fence, closing it back up so that the dog cannot escape from its yard and/or get itself in a bind once again.

In the video below, you can see the dog stuck in the fence and the firefighters trying hard to get him out. The poor pup is helpless and trapped until his rescuers help ease him out of the clutch of the iron fence.

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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