These Adorable Dachshund Puppies Love Bath Time

Dachshund Puppy

When it comes to bath time many dogs simply can’t stand getting washed.  They often run away at the first sign you are going to bathe them.  I know for one because my dog would rather go to the Vet than take a bath.  But not these Dachshund Puppies.  The video below is very amazing to watch and you too will be in shock when you see it.  Not only do these Dachshund Puppies seem to love the water, they can’t contain themselves with excitement over the fact that they are going to get a bath. So check out the video below after you are finished reading the article.

When the video starts out you will see two little dogs racing up the stairs with their owner in tow.  When I first saw this, I thought they were racing for the food bowl but what happened next really shocked me.  As the owner left the camera running, she follow these dogs into the bedroom and then into the bathroom. Like two little lightning bolts, these dogs disappeared for a few brief seconds. Before she could get into the room, one of the dogs had already jumped into the tub.  The other little dog was trying her best to get in as well.  The tub was already full of water and one of the dogs was swimming in circles inside the large basin.  It’s unclear if this is just the nature of these animals, or if their owner has trained them to do this but you can tell they really enjoyed it.  I wish my dog was this happy to take a bath, don’t you?  Well maybe you are as lucky as this dog owner and have a pet that loves to get wet.

After I watched this video, I had to show it to my friends and family because I couldn’t believe that these tiny dogs actually loved taking a bath this much.  They too were very shocked at the video.  So make sure before you leave to check out the video for yourself.  This is not only a shocking video, it’s also very cute. If you know a dog lover you might want to share this with them as well.  I am sure they will really get a kick out of seeing these two animals perform.

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