Adorable Time-Lapse Video Of Two Puppies Running For Their Dinner

dinner time

We all know that growing dogs can get really hungry.  But when it comes to meal time at this household these two adorable puppies can’t wait to eat.  As the video starts out you see the dog’s owner pour some yummy food in two unique looking dog bowls.  Before the owner can finish pouring the food, the puppies start to run down the hallway.  These super excited dogs are eager to eat and their owner quickly finishes putting the food in the bowl.  This slow motion video is really fun to watch but after watching for a few seconds you will notice something amazing.

As you will find out this video is time-lapsed and these cute canines will grow as the clip moves forward.  The fun part is each and every time we see the pups they are running to the dinner bowl.  As they come around the corner they often slide around and sometimes fall.  But they never get hurt and watching them run will make you laugh out loud!  The older these dogs get the faster they can run.  Being faster also makes them more clumsy. They often run into one another trying to beat each other to the bowls, although there is plenty of food to go around.

The pups start out at only 11 weeks old.  By the time the video clip ends they have grown to 49 weeks.  This video was carefully filmed over a 9-month period and the pups are now much larger.  Surely the amount of food in the bowls has also increased over the months.  These pups grew up to be very beautiful dogs and surely the owner of the pair get lots of joy from owning them.  The best part of recording this video is that you can watch it from the start whenever you want.  This is great for the owner who will always have the video to remember when these now large dogs were just little guys.  So if you want to see these amazing dogs grow up right before your eyes then you need to check it out below.  It will really warm your heart and give you something to smile about.

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