An Aggressive Dog is Turned into a Sweet Puppy in 30 Minutes


Most of the time, pet canines are usually well-behaved and don’t act like much of a problem dog on a daily basis – you know, the kind that doesn’t listen and is constantly barking at everyone in a pretty harsh manner. After all, if it does, there’s only one thing to do: hire a professional pet behaviorist. Here’s the thing, dogs: some places don’t accept or tolerate certain behavior from you, and you will need to change otherwise there will be consequences for your actions. In a viral video, a very angry and aggressive dog will not stop being mad and straight-up furious with its owner. The biggest question here is… why?

Apparently, the dog was confused and is unable to act around new situations and opportunities. The canine was never really socialized and ended up becoming very aggressive at his own home and definitely needed some outside help. In the video below, a very angry and confused black Shih Tzu dog will not stop barking angrily for some reason. The angsty dog looked so furious, it even jumped sky high when looking out the clear sliding screen door. The man in the room with the canine looked a bit tense at first, but since the dog is unwinding its anger, it’s great that the man is able to hang around longer to calm the black fur ball down and to get it to stop barking so much. Eventually, the man breaks the infuriated dog with his patient and non-aggressive ways in the short span of less than thirty minutes. It’s as if the canine is a brand new dog!

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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