Albino Min-Pin Mix Tucker Raises Awareness of Rare MPS VI Disorder


Tucker is three-years-old, and he is a dog that is certainly adorable. He has everything that you might want in a sweet dog; big eyes, a darling little face and a lot of personality. He also has a progressive disorder that prevents him from moving. Called MPS VI, this very rare genetic disorder affects only a small number of dogs on any given day, but it’s serious. It keeps this little dog completely stationary and unable to walk.

However, Tucker does not let this little fact of life get in his way.  He has a fun and fulfilling life with his owner, Brittany, and they don’t miss out on anything. They have a lot of fun together, and part of their fun is making sure that tucker has a great online presence so that he can spend some of his time doing something very helpful and useful to those around him; spread awareness of his health issues to those unfamiliar with it.

You see, many people might take a look at Tucker and assume that he is a dog that should have been put to sleep as a puppy. As soon as his disorder was realized, many people would have chosen to have this dog euthanized, feeling as if they are doing the dog a ‘favor’ and preventing the dog from ‘suffering,’ though you can see that this dog clearly is not suffering.

Tucker is a face for all dogs without any hope thanks to this particular disorder. In fact, when his owner adopted him, she had no idea that he was sick. It almost sounds as if the adoption agency was not honest with her, delivering a six-month old puppy and telling her that ‘he can’t really walk and you’ll have to teach him,’ as they dropped him off. Having never owned a dog before, she had no idea that puppies are born walking, and it took a lot of friends and family telling her that he was sick before she even knew his issues; luckily, she didn’t care.

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