Amazing Couple Does Wonderful Thing for Special Needs Dog

special needs dog

You can always tell who the beautiful people of the world are by their actions. Sure, some people are physically beautiful, but it really is the ones who are beautiful on the inside that make the biggest difference in our lives. They are the people who are selfless, who are helping, who care the most. They are the people who make the biggest difference in the world to the most people, even if the most people is only one person. And even if only one person is actually just a senior dog with a myriad of health issues that keep him from being adopted into a loving home of his own. When Erin and Josh decided that they were ready to bring a dog home, they didn’t go the way of a sweet puppy like so many others. Instead, they met a dog with serious health issues that was a bit on the older side, and they knew they had to give this dog a good home.

Padre is a beautiful boxer, and he is everything you might expect from a dog; he’s loving and kind and funny. He’s also old. He was surrendered by his previous family in Canada because of his degenerative myelopathy. He requires a wheelchair to get around, and that was a huge deterrent for potential adopters. Not this couple, however; they saw this dog and knew right away that he was the dog for them. They took him home, and now he is living the happiest of lives with his loving parents and his forever home – however long his forever will last.

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