Amazing Dog Guards Owners’ Bike but Watch what Happens Next

Bicycle Thefts Soar In San Francisco

When you think “dog guarding bike”, what do you imagine? Do you see a dog that is big and burly, barking at anyone who comes near the bike? Do you imagine a dog that sits quietly, but has a scary look in its eye for anyone who comes near? Well, the amazing dog in this video guards a bike quite unlike anything we have ever seen.

It actually takes a minute to process what we see in this video. A Golden Retriever is clearly guarding the bike, but in a very cute and cartoonish manner. It does not look like it would be very effective, but I almost think how cute this amazing dog is makes up for it. You really just need to see it.

So the dog’s whole manner of guarding the dog is sitting up (almost like a human) and holding one paw on the bike seat? I think at that point, anyone who is thinking about taking the bike is just too overcome by cute to even follow through with it. The cherry on the sundae is at the end of the video. The owner comes back, the dog wags its tail eagerly, it jumps on the back of the bike like they do this everyday, and they just take off.

Now you can see why we call it is amazing dog in the title.

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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