An Amazing Dog Rescue That Has to Make you Smile


Hope for Paws got a tip that there was an abandoned dog near the 5 freeway and for four months, they attempted to rescue the poor pup, but to no avail. Wendy and Myrna, two ladies affiliated with Hope for Paws, tried for months to help the dog out, but the poor canine was just too afraid to trust anyone. Finally, they devised a plan: Wendy hid while Myrna did her usual feeding to lure the dog out. It had to work this time, since for four months, the dog was able to evade every single one of their traps they had set up. Their persistence paid off and eventually, the amazing dog rescue was caught on tape!

In the video below, we see Hope For Paws attempt – successfully – to rescue a lost, abandoned dog on the side of the road – and it’s actually a remarkable one! After what seemed to be a tough rescue, the dog finally calmed down and was able to be pet by everyone, as well as get rescued with the help of two strangers. Check out the video and prepare for your heart to melt!

Photo Source: YouTube 

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