Amazing Rescue Story: This Dog Just Did WHAT?

NETANYA, ISRAEL – JUNE 30:. (Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

I wonder how many of us know our true guardian angels are dogs? I mean, it all makes sense of you think about it. We hear countless stories of dogs rescuing humans from fires and anger and many various things they would have otherwise not known about were it not for the brave dogs who woke them or shook them or alerted them in some way. Well, this story is one of those with a twist. An amazing rescue story that just shows us how bright and caring these wonderful creatures really are.

So an elderly man named Jack rescued a cute German Shepard named Max last year so they would both have a buddy. One night while Jack was sleeping, deadly poisonous Carbon Monoxide began leaking in the house. The dog responded by running down the hall and trying to wake Jack. When it Jack wouldn’t wake, Max did what any smart dog would. Clamped its jaws around Jack’s arm and pull him down the hallway towards the door of the house. Jack woke up, confused and afraid, and called the medics (because of the slight bite on his arm), when they got there, they told him the house was filled with deadly gas and he needed to get out, stat! The reality is, they had been in there ten minutes longer they would have both been dead.

It was at that point that it hit Jack just what Max had really done. He had saves his life, just like he did for Max, a year earlier. Wow, that is the kind of thing that gives is chills. That Max is a true hero, and said thank you in the best way he could. By giving them both more time together.

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