Amazing Things Happen When People Meet Pit Bulls for the First Time

pit bull

The media, word of mouth and so many rumors make it impossible for many people to see past the intimidating looking faces of pit bulls to understand what this breed is truly about. It takes a loving person to ignore all the hatred and the misconceptions. Many people want to believe that it’s true that pits are mean, evil dogs that have nothing to offer. They believe they are bred to fight, they are aggressive and they are dangerous. But what happens when people meet pit bulls and spend some time with them is truly astounding.

They realize that pit bulls are actually wonderful dogs that do well with other animals and take on a very protective nature in the home, whether it’s with the kids, the cat or the rest of the family. They might even love you too much.

a cat and her pit bull

animals and a pit bull

They realize that pit bulls are not hate-filled animals with aggression, but sweet dogs that just want to have someone to play with and love them.

baby and pit bull lying down together

They realize that the pit bull was actually once referred to as the nanny dog because they are so remarkable and wonderful with babies and children.

baby being proteted by a pit bull

They realize that there is not another animal in the world that is as fiercely affectionate and loyal as a pit bull with the family.

child playing with this pit bull

They realize that their kids love them and they are built in best friends with a lifetime of love to give.

child sleeping on his pit bull dog

They realize that they are not aggressive dogs, but that pit bulls are very friendly and affectionate dogs.

dog loving his bath

They realize that pit bulls are very silly and not very scary once you get to know them and all their funny behavior.

kids and pit bulls making faces

They realize that pit bulls just want to be loved, have fun and have someone of their own to love in return.

little girl loves her pit bull

They realize that they have saved a life when they take a pit bull from a shelter and bring him home to love their family and their children.

pit bull and a baby

They realize that these are dogs that are actually not just dogs, but family members.

pit bull and his cat

They realize that pit bulls are very friendly, and that they probably wouldn’t hurt a stranger unless that stranger tried to hurt one of the dog’s people.

pit bull snuggling a baby pit bull

They realize that these are dogs with feelings, too, and that they deserve so much more than the bad reputation that so many people love to give these beautiful pit bulls.

pit bulls cuddling

They realize that pit bulls are hilarious dogs that love a good joke and some personal time.

pit bulls guarding new baby

They realize that pit bulls don’t actually take much to care for, since they are short-haired dogs without much grooming need.

pit bulls playing around

They realize that pit bulls are kind of just like the rest of the family; they’re a little off, a little crazy and they know that they’re right.

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