Amazing Time-Lapse Video Shows Golden Retriever Growing up with Kitten

dog and cat

During this amazing video, a bond is formed between two unlikely animals.  A Golden Retriever and a golden looking kitten have been introduced to one other, at the start of this video.  The small kitten moves around slowly and gives the canine some love.  The cat seems to love the dog already and is crawling around all over the pooches fur.  As the video moves forward you will see something amazing happen.  The cat whose name is Koda, is starting to grow larger right before your eyes.  The pair of animals seem to have grown even closer and the Golden Retriever whose name is Keelo, can be seen smelling the cat and licking the feline clean.  This is fun to watch and you can tell that Koda has grown on Keelo.

About half way through the video, you will see that these two animals can be very playful with one another.  Koda is older now and really is in the mood to play.  Keelo, who is normally laid back starts to play with the kitten and even tries to entertain the kitty.  These two animals surely do have something special going on and their bond is growing as the days go by.  One super cute part of the video, is when the pair are play fighting.  Koda playfully bites Keelo on the nose and the dog does the same to the cat.  This is adorable and will melt your heart when you see it.

While the video was only a few minutes long, we got to witness the cat growing up.  During those few minutes, 8 months have gone by and now the feline is almost an adult.  But no matter how old the cat or dog gets, they will always remain the best of friends.  It’s not everyday that you get to see something as amazing as this story.  There is something really special about Koda and Keelo and their bond is unbreakable.  If you have not watched the video yet, please do so before you leave.  It will really put a smile on your face!

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