The American Akita: A Dog With an Unfortunate Bad Rap

American Akita

There are many different types of working dogs that have gotten bad names due to illegal dog fighting.  These poor canines have been used for years for various different jobs including being a family companion.  But as the years have gone by there has been a criminal element that has sought to cash in on these dogs natural ability to protect.

One of these dogs is the American Akita which has gotten a really bad rap over the last few years.  Many different encounters in which these dogs who were used for fighting ended up attacking people.  Not only have these dogs been known to attack humans but they also have attacked and killed other animals.

The American Akita is a beautiful and powerful animal but with a neglectful owner these dogs often get into serious trouble.  Due to their sheer size and muscle structure they can often over power their victims in a matter of seconds.  This is why their attacks are so vicious and destructive.  Many people who have been attacked by these dogs have very serious and life threating injuries and some are even disfigured for life.

These dogs should always be properly socialized at a very young age and closely watched around children and other animals.  They often have a fierce loyalty to their owners. While other dog breeds are protective of their owners, this dog goes far beyond that.  When it comes to family, this dog will go to great lengths to protect them from even the smallest dangers.

While this dog will be peaceful and calm to members of the family, it will be very wary of strangers even if they have been properly socialized.  So if you are thinking of getting one of these dogs, you have to be a very attentive owner.  When house guests are over, you should always lock your Akita in another room to prevent anything from happening.

Many people still own these dogs despite of their recent bad rap.  These dogs can make really great pets if you, the owner, take responsibility and keep these super powerful animals where they belong. This means that you probably are not going to be able to take these dogs to parks where other animals are roaming around.  You should also never allow them to go off the leash in a public place.

These dogs are not the social butterfly that many other large breeds can be.  So make sure to take everything into consideration before purchasing one of these enormous animals.

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  1. Anyone that brings home an Akita puppy should do two things:
    1) Socialize it while it’s still a puppy.
    2) Teach it the command “WAIT!” Put a toy or food in front of it, tell it “wait” and don’t let it play or eat until you say “go”. THIS ONLY WORKS WITH PUPPIES.
    I used this method with my female Akita, Kiku, with good results. As a socialized grown dog she enjoyed playing with other dogs at the beach and at the park. On one occasion she was playing with a Great Dane puppy when a off lead Dane attacked the puppy. My Akita was about to go for the attacking dog just as the owner got it under control, I told her “wait” and she froze. On another occasion an idiot Doberman owner sicced his dog on mine. Kiku flipped the Doberman on its back and when I told her “wait” she simply held the dog down without injuring it. The Doberman’s owner told me I “should keep that vicious dog on a leash” which confuses me to this day.

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