The American Bulldog Boxer Mix: A Well Rounded Protection Dog


Many people these days are looking for a protection dog to help keep their family safe.  With the rise in crime and many neighborhoods experiencing break-ins, people are turning to these animals for help.  While there are many standard breeds that make a perfect watch dog sometimes a hybrid mix can give you a well-rounded dog that is very healthy.  One very popular hybrid dog is the American Bulldog Boxer Mix.  Also known by dog breeders as the Bulloxer, this powerful animal has been used as a working dog for many years.

What Should You Expect When It Comes To Temperament?

Many people get nervous about temperament when it comes to mixing two powerful dog breeds. Some people think that since these two dogs are large animals they should be feared.  The truth is, this dog mix is not an aggressive combination and you won’t find them randomly attacking people. But these are very protective dogs and will defend both its home and its owner if threated.  This is why so many people use them for personal protection.  A well trained Bulloxer will lie quietly at your feet but when commanded it will neutralized any threat that you deem a danger.

How Large Will These Dogs Actually Get and Can I Keep One In My Apartment?

These are very muscular and compact dogs that often reach 70 pounds.  Not a huge dog, they only reach around 25 inches in height.  This makes the Bulloxer great for keeping even in smaller spaces such as an apartment.  But remember they need lots of exercise, so make sure to take them for a walk at least twice a day.  When bored, these dogs might have the tendency to tear up furniture and you wouldn’t want to come home to a destroyed easy chair. But with proper exercise these dogs do well even in urban environments.  A word of caution when it comes to owning one of these animals in a major city; many city laws now prevent people from owning dogs that are of a bulldog bred.  Sadly, this is due to the horrific sport of dogfighting.  So make sure to check your local laws before purchasing one of these animals.

How About Life Expectancy How Long Will My Bulloxer Live?

These are very healthy animals and because they are mixed breed they often don’t get many of the genetics problems that a purebred dog will.  Generally, these dogs have a very long life expectancy of up to 11 years or longer.  So you will get to enjoy this dog for many years to come.  Don’t forget to always have your Vet give your pet a checkup once a year to make sure they are fit and healthy.

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