The American Pitbull: The Most Loved and Hated Dog Breed

American Pitbull

When it comes to dog breeds there is one that often comes up as being the most dangerous.  You will often find negative articles written about these dogs.  But if that is what you are expecting you won’t find it here.  The American Pitbull is one of the most loved and hated dog breeds in the world.  There are countless stories about how these dogs are merciless killers out for blood. But are these dogs really evil? While there have been attacks perpetrated by these animals it doesn’t mean that all are bad. The fact is people are attacked every year by many different dog breeds and many of these stories never make it to the news.  But when an American Pitbull attacks someone you can bet on it that it will be reported.

This industry of fear does have some merit.  For many years these dogs have been forced to fight one another by people whose only interests are money.  Sadly these evil people have helped these dogs get a bad name.  They breed them for aggression and when they don’t show signs of this negative trait they often beat the animal until it attacks out of fear.  Sometimes when these dogs get loose they do attack people and these animals are the primary ones responsible for most American Pitbull incidents. So there really is a senseless fear of these animals and one day maybe the world will know the truth about them.

When properly breed and treated with love and affection these dogs make wonderful family pets.  They are very loyal dogs and are actually a very calm and controlled breed.  These canines are some of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet.  If brought up around children, they will make the perfect companion for your child and will keep a watchful eye over them.  While the media may depict these dogs as killer they often do well even with other pets; even cats.  While these are very powerful animals they rarely use their strength in a negative way.  So if you are thinking of getting a new family pet this year, why not get one of these animals?  They will fill your family with joy and happiness and help protect your home.  I for one would love one of these amazing dogs.

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